Information on the date of training, personal data, etc., is unknown.
On a base Heavy & Loud, their sound includes elements Trash, Metal and Death. And the originality of their sound includes complex movements and irregular times.
Ken is also one of the founders of the band, is the only remaining member from then until the present, where there have been several member changes.
Their concerts show a very intense staging, with some surprising changes during performances that does not leave audiences indifferent. They leave no room for boredom.
Participate in any event where there is a place to which they define their sound as NON CATEGORIZE HEAVY MIXTURE

ZODIAQUE (Unreleased date) ILLEGAL SOUL (2002), CORE (2004), ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE (2007), DOOMSDAY (2013)
In addition to participation in collections: Fresh Cuts From Japan - Hardcore - Volume 1 (JapanFiles.com.) WeROCK Vol.012 on DVD (Music magazine: WeROCK) A FLYING CROW. VISUALISE MUSIC JAPAN, etc..

【MALIGNANT】 (Release: 2015)

TAKUMI/Gt of original member was formally came back to the band.
And, latest album was recorded after Oosaka tour, in March 2015, by this five members.
“BELOW ZERO” was arranged for the first time in eleven years and adopted first track of this album.
Their sound was deeper tuned down half step. And, world view of last album “DOOMSDAT” was deepened.
Their distinctive rhythm and complicated song structure brought in the light and shadow intersect, stillness and motion cross, and amplification of aggression.



Published in 2013
Dirty & Trash combination, where all the world can feel the chaotic and darkness.
Progressive sound that conveys his own interpretation of the world.
This album includes three songs, are a prelude for the next album.


Published in 2007.
Inheriting the characteristics of their previous album "CORE"
Continue to maintain a unique world view, showing more dark, and strong sound to hit in our minds.
Music chaotic and aggressive, we feel the pressure, and character.

【 CORE 】

3rd album released in 2004.
The strength of a sound overwhelming and yet very polished
Their sound is complex twists combine distortion and silence.
Getting to offer something different and original.
This album is strong and rich sound.