Rock band by Kazuki Iida(Vo, Gt) and Masato Taira(Ba)
2012 : Domestic release of EP 『汚染(OSEN)』
2013-Feb : Single 『Answer』 2013-May : Single 『皆殺し(MINAGOROSHI)』
2013-May : Hosted 「音景-Onkei- Fes.2013」
2014-Apr : Domestic release of 1st Album 『君が死んでも、世界は別に変わらない。(KIMIGA SHINDEMO SEKAIWA BETSUNI KAWARANAI)』
And, national tour for album-release event.
2014-Jun : First solo live stage「感情殲滅(KANJYOSENMETSU)」in tour finals.
2014-Sep &Dec : Events「Dead Communication」by three Bands.
2015-Apr : Appearing in「Magic Node Festival 2015」
2015-Aug : First limited internet distribution single 『Regret』
New drummer wanted by leaving Hiroyuki Sekine (Dr)
Now, strange world’s end is making new songs to invite support member.
Accelerating emotion. Depressive Rock for you and you.

Member: Kazuki Iida , Masato Taira

【 Regret】

Depressive Rock for you and you (KIMI TO ANATANO UTSU ROCK) / strange world’s end…
After a year and 4 months from release of 1st Album/KIMIGA SHINDEMO SEKAIWA BETSUNI KAWARANAI, “strange world’s end” put out a new single by high resolution sound and limited internet distribution.
Chagrin and sorrow, lurking in the everyday life, undermine bottom of heart, and splinter the mind.
This became work express disconsolate mood.


鬱UTSU-rock is a coined word / means their music has depression feeling. Faithfully express the reality of exhausted human beings in modern society. The first album of 3pcs guitar rock-band “strange world’s end” Unspoken words in the dark heart. Unsayable words whatever comes to mind in regular life. Every human beings always feel depression, aversion, loss and weariness in distortion of modern society. Iida (Vo/Gt) is fighting this. And, singing and shouting directly in his lyrics. Their playing of noise and detonating sound run into cynical yet beautiful pop melody. And, hits all mind simply and directly. All seven songs have unsullied emotion. If you continue to live with a feeling of strangeness in surrounding people, you must feel something from their music snuggle against everyday life.


 “Gloomy (or Melancholic) Rock for you and me” In just two months straight and after a change of member in the band, strange world's end, presents his 7th awaited CD with a new song. The darkness is housed in mind. It’s over there of facing hate and madness. In the maelstrom of negative feelings, the heart races, about to break. I swallowed as if you were a single object, the boundary line disappears.

【 アンサー 】(Answer)

 " Gloomy (or Melancholic) Rock for you and me " In just two months straight and after a change of member in the band , strange world's end , presents his expected 6th CD with a new song . The split personality of the dark emotions of the heart and mind. Accept the alteration that occurs when we must choose between instinct and reason.

【 汚染 】(OSEN)

 strange world's end, presents his highly anticipated new work, a live CD. There was the need to hear 4 of his songs live, you can feel that spirit that deliver on stage. You may feel that depression will blocking gradually smooth and shake violently the darkness of our hearts

【 唄 / 灰 】(UTA/HAI)

 In this 3rd single "strange world's end" with the participation of Acalanatha (band). With his song '? (UTA)' shows overwhelming despair, obsession, and the urgency of bringing order to chaos. In '灰 (HAI)' shows the anxiety that arises from a sense of loss and a sense of abandonment.


 The 2nd single born from the empty. What do we lack? What is it that disappeared and lost at some point in our lives and do not get back to find?

【 証明 / コロニー 】(SHOUMEI/COLONY)

 The first work of "strange world's end" is a double single side A In their songs they want to express that feeling that every cell in our body seeks to justify its existence. What do we want? only this justification to exist. Probably there is not a logical order ...