Metal band from Bogota, Colombia, influences by sub genres of Metal such as Death, Black Brutal, metalcore, Grindcore, among others, as a concept the band has a deformed day-by-day life taken to the edge, in which the human being and the society he dwells is immersed. That way has printed fears, aberrations, wishes, frustrations, violence and some other states of mind that may produce irrationality and compulsion all this has been stated from the duality of a paradigmatic icon imposed to the goat as an evil object and waywardness, and along with the sacred as a path of admiration of the human way of thinking. Sacred Goat begins as a project back in 2010 as an open proposal to new sounds that intend to enrich, shade and generate a well-consolidated own style. Currently, Sacred Goat is: Karina Ortega (vocals), Cristian Martinez (drums), Roger Florez (guitar and chorus), and Sergio Avila (leader guitar).