The team is changing names, styles and composition since the summer of 2004, when it was written and recorded first songs.
From 2004 to 2006 was recorded 10 albums. Then the group was called ≪NGM≫. Written exclusively acoustic, simple things. All the albums are in Russian.
In 2007, the group changed its name to "Project Zarathustra." Partially changing the composition. Until the end of 2009 created 12 albums. Besides changing the composition and name of the company accompanied by a smooth transition into the avant-garde, the introduction of new musical instruments as well as the complexity of the lyrics. All the albums are in Russian.
After a very productive previous years up to 2015 created about 50 separate songs at the end of 2014, compiled into 4 collections.
In 2015, the team begins the recording of the album "Atypical culture" that never ends because of disagreements in the group. For divisions should be split.
2016. The beginning. Today is the last change of composition and a sharp departure in the direction of electronic sound. The name changed to the modern "Mr. Vel d". And then begins the modern history of...
2016. May. Recorded the album "La chanson" with lyrics in Russian, but in a completely different than before sound. The album is full of humor and satire, but at the same time, not without drama. Still, the album "the bear and the doves" - the avant-garde, abstract, conceptual work of art recorded in one night.
2016. June marks three important events: 1) the album "the Difficulties of translation" (first recorded in English); 2) create a label drecords vel; 3) the beginning of the active promotion.
2016. July. Written and published the first all-instrumental album "Once upon time in a coma", and minimalist, avant-garde album in French "Les contrastes de Paris" (the favorite musicians at the moment).
2016. August. In honor of the Olympics in Rio, recorded in four languages (English, French, Russian and Spanish) "Olympic EP", consisting respectively of four separately published on the opening day of the games parts, each of which included 5 songs. In the middle of the month is published the single "Claps-claps," and at the end of two collections ? 1) A collection of the best songs in the first half of the year; 2) A collection of rare records and versions not included in the albums.
To be continued...