HELLSEEK is a Colombian extreme metal band from Bogota, formed in 2010. Their style of music It contains traits of Death metal,thrash metal,grove black etc.

hellseek style has changed over the years, from a german sound-inspired thrash metal sound, later moving in to death thrash metal, which has continued to the present.

To date, Kreator has released one studio albums, one EPs, one more colombian thrash metal bands to sign to a independent label . However, hellseek Continues working on recognition search.

Formation and releases
The band was formed 2010 in Bogota,Colombia. The original lineup featured vocalist/guitarist ismahell restrepo, hellseek recorded their debut EP, Souls of war, in 2013. recorded their debut album, Human enemy of all, in 2015. at present on promotion

The song "thrash metal and human enemy of all " became a concert standard, and becoming one of the most promising up-and-coming bogota metal acts.

Souls of War is the name Demo by Colombian group It was released on 2013..

In 2013 hellseek recorded their first single , The songs chosen were "souls of war” stained innocence, thrash metal"

Their vocalist, IsmaHell restrepo, makes successful arrangements in their city, allowing , performing in the metal de las montanas festival.Broadcast on public television and National university, this more big university of Colombia.

In early 2015, hellseek records their first work in the professional format "human enemy of all".

This album mark hellseek history ,this is a recopilation from six years from work.
This is an achievement, as there are currently no record labels to support emerging bands in colombia...

the demo "souls " and "humans" were produced by Ismahell Restrepo .

Current line up
Ismahell restrepo - vocals, guitar,composer (2010?present)
hernando uhia - drums, (2012?present)
andres velasquez - bass (2016?present)
danny lopez - guitar(2010,2012?2016,present)

Former members[edit]
david bueno - bass (2010?2012)
carlos paez - guitar (2010?2012)
david garcia - guitar (2013?2016)
andres garavito - bass (2013-2014)